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More than just your Realtor…

“You know you best. Beckman RE is here to guide you to make the best decisions for your needs using quantitative data and consistent, proactive efforts. We work to ensure that every client feels advocated for, educated, empowered, and well taken care of.”



As a full-service Realtor, Michelle is her clients’ fiercest advocate. This starts by ensuring they are truly heard, allowing her to accurately be a champion for their best interests. 

Whenever a decision is made, Michelle becomes an advocate for that choice, even if the client’s decision differs from her initial recommendation. Clients can expect that she will do everything in her power to execute their wishes to the smallest detail, always advocating for their best interest and working to ensure the final outcome is favorable.



Michelle does this by educating her clients, so they feel confident that they are making an informed decision. Whether a buyer, looking for insights as they tour homes, or a seller, wanting to make the best decision on what home prep to do, clients can expect to be educated and offered data at every step of the way.

Michelle not only provides the information you want to know she ensures you understand what it all means.  



Michelle’s focus on client education builds the foundation to empower clients to make the best decision for themselves. Her friendly and practical communication style allows Michelle to guide clients through the complicated process of real estate; letting them take on the role of driver and decider, leaving her the responsibility of being the roadmap and a fierce advocate. Michelle uses this tried-and-true strategy because she trusts her clients to know what’s best for them, they just need an expert to ensure they know the potential outcomes of each option.


  • Vicinage Partner
    A team of trusted Realtors that call upon each other for specialty advice, support, and assistance with showings.
  • National Association of Realtors
    A trade organization of real estate professionals that hold themselves to a higher code of ethics than what is allowed by law.
  • W Source
    A network of supportive female small-business owners and professionals to share ideas, knowledge, and opportunities.
  • Seattle-Nantes Sister City Association
    Sister city organization promoting cross cultural events between Seattle and Nantes, France. Michelle sits on the board overseeing awarding scholarships to deserving students and maintaining the sponsored, community park.
  • Greater Seattle Business Association
    Washington’s LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce; representing over 1,400 small business, corporate, and nonprofit members who share the values of promoting equality and diversity in the workplace.
  • GenPride Seattle
    GenPride advocates for the unique needs of older LGBTQIA+ adults. They offer innovative programs and services that promote wellbeing and prevent social isolation, cultivate belonging through community connection, and work to eliminate discrimination in all its forms. Currently, the organization is building Seattle’s first affordable housing project designed to be an affirming environment for LGBTQIA+ seniors.
  • Project Welcome Home Troops
    Project Welcome Home exists to improve the quality of life for veterans and their families through their Power Breath Meditation workshops. These workshops allow them to serve groups of veterans in a way that can be practiced on one’s own after a few sessions of guidance; decreasing stress, anxiety and sleep problems while restoring well-being, mental focus, and a renewed sense of connection and purpose.
  • New Beginnings
    New Beginnings’ mission is to empower survivors and mobilize community awareness and action to end domestic violence. They have many programs that help survivors of domestic violence at any point in their journey to freedom. Whether they are still living with their abuser or have left and need some additional support to heal, New Beginnings is there. They also aim upstream and work to stop violence before it begins with prevention and intervention programs for young people.
  • Mary's Place
    Mary’s Place provides safe, inclusive shelter and services that support women, children and families on their journey out of homelessness. High rates of homelessness among people of color are driven by systemic racism, as seen in the inequities of health care, and systemic oppression that limits economic opportunity and sustains the wealth gap – exacerbating the impact of our region's affordable housing crisis. Addressing this disproportionality and ensuring that their work and operations create a workplace and service structure that advances equity, diversity, and inclusion is a priority for Mary’s Place.
  • The Bail Project
    The Bail Project combats mass incarceration by disrupting the money bail system—one person at a time. Their work restores the presumption of innocence, reunites families, and challenges a system that criminalizes race and poverty. The Bail Project is on a mission to end cash bail and create a more just, equitable, and humane pretrial system.
  • Northwest Justice Project
    Northwest Justice Project (NJP) is Washington’s largest publicly funded legal aid program. Each year NJP provides critical civil legal assistance and representation to thousands of low-income people in cases affecting basic human needs such as family safety and security, housing preservation, protection of income, access to health care, education and other basic needs.
  • Wing Luke Museum
    Wing Luke was the first Smithsonian affiliate in the Pacific Northwest and the nation’s only museum dedicated to the pan-Asian Pacific American community. Their work today connects us to the dynamic history, cultures, and art of Asian Pacific Americans through community-driven exhibitions and programs. The Wing Luke’s continued dedication to telling the authentic experiences and perspectives of APAs through vivid storytelling and interactive experiences gives us a look at what it means to be uniquely American.
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