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"I would highly recommend Michelle Beckman for any home buyer. Michelle helped me buy My First Home, a condo in Seattle with VA financing. 


Michelle worked with me across time-zones, researching listings, presenting me with properties to look over, once I had narrowed it down to ones I was interested in she went there in person taking measurements, photos, and video to give me all of the info I needed to make a decision since I couldn’t be there myself.


The market right now, is so strongly in favor of the seller that I had almost given up hope of finding anything in my price range that I wanted to buy. Michelle kept me focused and constantly demonstrated her dedication to getting me into a place I could love. I do not think that another real estate agent could have gotten me through the process and she did it without breaking a sweat.


Michelle’s knowledge and research of each listing we assessed was superb, truly above expectations. She strongly cautioned me against overbidding and her expert use of escalator clauses saved me tens of thousands of dollars.


I could keep running down a list of all the unique aspects of my buying situation and how Michelle navigated them with an unflagging energy and zeal that frankly amazed me, but suffice that to say that she did absolutely everything she possibly could do and the outcome was amazing for me. Hire her, she is excellent. I promise you won’t be disappointed."


  • Apr 19, 2018

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