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Michelle Beckman receives my full recommendation as a dedicated, expert Real Estate Agent. Her service to my family during an unforeseen home sale was exemplary and extremely successful. She was sensitive to our requirements, communicated at every step of the way, and worked hard to minimize the effort and time for my part in the process. She facilitated working with Escrow and at each document signing. I knew immediately when every milestone was reached. 


Our sale has been finalized and her work should be done, but I know that Michelle is still available to answer any question that we may have. Most importantly, she seems to truly love her work, making her a joy to work with. I strongly encourage you to add her to your list of agents to interview. She will win your business.


Here is the story of how I know this to be true:


I am the Power of Attorney for a family member after a life-changing medical event. This change required a new living arrangement and the sale of the existing home, among many other changes. A good sale was critical to help secure my family member's financial future.


The manufactured home was a new addition to an established and highly desirable, gated 55+ community. As we were packing up to move my family member, I was contacted by several interested buyers and by a real estate agent who had experience with the community and who had clients who were eager to make an offer. I also had a recommendation for a different agent from my family member's financial advisor.


Michelle Beckman was not the obvious choice as I carefully considered my agent options, and whether a Sale By Owner would be the best option for my family member. Michelle had less experience with manufactured homes or 55+ communities than her alternative. However, during conversations with her, I was impressed with her integrity and outstanding communication skills. Her answers about her experience and approach to the sale were upfront and honest, and clearly demonstrated that she had our best interests at heart. She proved to have excellent research skills to learn about the home's market prior to being appointed as our agent. Choosing Michelle over an agent who knew this niche market and had clients ready to make an offer was difficult, but she convinced me that she would be the best option.


I can say without hesitation that Michelle Beckman far exceeded my high expectations. She answered every question promptly and clearly. She shared information as soon as she learned it. She thoroughly explained the many options that came up during the sale, while providing justifications for her recommended choices. She was always willing to work with my own choice. 


Michelle had the home for sale within days of being hired, including organizing professional staging and photography. I had been concerned about these suggestions, which she talked through with me. Both proved to be well worth the extra expense. She also provided excellent guidance on the things which would not be beneficial to the sale. She agreed to a starting price that was a little above her suggested starting point, after we discussed the pros and cons of the price points. 


Once the home hit the market, Michelle was relentless, even when she had to take a weekend at the beginning to attend to a family matter. She had two associates cover during her time away, and was still in contact with me daily, often more than once per day, to provide progress updates and answer questions. She was always extremely considerate of my time, while also being constantly available to me. 


Offers began to come in immediately. Following her counsel, we had set a review date and had multiple offers to consider. Michelle maintained constant contact with the bidding agents, and after following her advice not to accept too soon, we accepted an offer more than 10% above the asking price. This was an incredible result, and provided immense relief to my family member and myself. However, Michelle was not satisfied. She continued to work with agents who had interested clients. She secured a backup offer that was a few percentage points higher still. At the same time, she worked with the first buyer's agent and the 55+ community's property manager as the buyer went through the approval process for acceptance at the park. Unfortunately for the first buyer, there were delays that prevented the sale from going through. 


Michelle's insight and dedication helped my family member land in an even better situation. That sale was finalized with the same attention to detail and assistance that Michelle had provided for the first offer. Next, Michelle and her brokerage had to take on the county to ensure a timely collection of the excise tax in order for the title transfer to complete. Because of the nuances of manufactured home sales, the county required that an in-person transaction must occur as opposed to a bank transfer as is acceptable for a standard real estate transaction. This would be a minor inconvenience generally, except that the county office was closed because of COVID. Michelle plowed down the resistance at the county. I will not be at all surprised if she and her team work to change the county's different requirements for manufacture home sales.


Even after the sale was fully finalized, Michelle made efforts to ensure that the new owners would have a great experience in their new home.


I can say that Michelle Beckman quickly became an expert in a niche real estate market, and that her efforts are directly responsible for my family member selling the home at the best possible price. Michelle went to great effort to ensure that the process was as smooth, transparent and pain-free as possible. I recommend her services wholeheartedly. I hope to hire her should I have need of a real estate agent in the future.


  • Jun 10, 2021

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