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"As our real estate agent, Michelle Beckman was able to do the impossible: she was able to sell my condo in the face of what felt like insurmountable barriers. With the pandemic and a glut of condos for sale in our area, I was very anxious when we listed my condo. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find a buyer. However, Michelle eased my fears throughout the process with her professional and extensive real estate knowledge.


Her staging of my condo was so jaw-dropping amazing, I almost reconsidered wanting to sell! She thoroughly researched comps and clearly communicated to me how to price my condo in a way that enabled me to make a fair and informed decision. Whether it was early morning or late at night, she was prompt and responsive to all of my questions and kept me informed throughout the entire process so that I always knew what would happen next. Michelle helped me understand the different marketing strategies and how to best increase buyer’s traffic. And sure enough, with her strategic advice, we started to get multiple viewings in a very short time frame.


After we received an offer, Michelle was a zealous advocate when it came time to negotiate, and she always had our financial best interests in mind. We are now able to buy the house of our dreams because of Michelle’s expertise and excellence as a real estate agent!"

H. Nguyen

  • Oct 14, 2020

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