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"My wife and I cannot recommend Michelle enough! We started the process of searching for our first home not even quite a month after the birth of our first child. We were strapped for time, and did not have any background in buying a home, and really didn't know what to expect (especially during COVID). Michelle could not have made things more simple, straightforward, understandable, and achievable. It was clear from every interaction we had with Michelle that customer service means the a great deal to her. She checked in with us regularly to see how we were doing, if any questions were arising, if she could be of any help at all. She was always prompt and thorough in responding to our questions, no matter what day of the week, or time of day we sent them. In fact, she typically would expand on our questions providing even more insight. She had clearly done research on every home we looked at, and was ready and willing to share her insights and opinions. I can't, and don't want to, imagine going through this process with any other agent."

Ian & Jenna

  • Oct 14, 2020

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