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"For your beautiful new home, please do yourself the favor of calling Michelle Beckman. I used to think I would never recommend a real estate agent to someone, because there are a zillion real estate agents and everyone you ask will tell you they know someone who you should call. Then I met Michelle and realized GREAT real estate agents aren’t growing on trees and there IS a difference between those people everyone tells you about and the cream of the crop. I am recommending Michelle for that reason, she’s different, she is the cream of the crop, a brilliant combination of well informed and savvy negotiator. She will make your experience exactly what you want and need!"

Looking at homes: Easy, Fun, Knowledgeable. She owns homes, knowledgeable about construction and every aspect of the process. Who doesn’t want that!


Finding the ideal home: Easy, intelligence needed and negotiation skills a must have here! Bought the 2nd house I fixated on.


Securing the ideal home: Can’t believe how hard the process naturally is but add Covid/Pandemic, being an independent contractor and not having a lot of cash to begin with put me in the last slot of making my dream possibly. Michelle worked every angle like the consummate professional she is.

I got the home after getting outbid on the first home I wanted.


Guess what? Her mission and intention that one always get’s The Perfect House for them regardless of the Global pandemic and Seattle’s crazy market is the TRUTH in action.

I have a money making home today that I can work in while my boys are doing online schooling and more! I have separate space as a Mom and hair designer as well as the ideal neighborhood and perfect location for my clients and myself getting in and out of West Seattle.


Closing of the home was beyond magical: I was more tired than after giving birth to my 3 children. But Michelle made my welcome home video, treats and individualized presents for both my boys and myself feel like I was WonderWoman, Mary Poppins and Princess Diana in the good old days.

We all thank you Michelle for being so bloody good at what you do and giving MORE than you are asked to give."

Kara & Scott

  • Dec 30, 2020

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