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First-Time Buyer 

"How do you quickly sell a condo (with dozens available for sale in the surrounding blocks) and then buy a house that has everything you need and want (in an extremely competitive market)--all while trying to work from home in the middle of a pandemic? Hire Michelle! She even helped us find an excellent place to rent during the transition.


She gets the real estate business from all sides, knows the shifting Puget Sound market and she understands people! She's one of the best, hardest-working negotiators I've ever met and helped us score great terms with our offer (that we hadn't even thought of to ask for), both before and after the inspection. Her hustle, intelligence, empathy, and ability to balance multiple backup plans going at once are exactly what you want in an agent.


We had tons of concerns about the timing, process, safety and strategy of both selling and buying and Michelle anticipated most of those and then some--answering our questions quickly and thoroughly, with data to back it up, at any time of the day and sometimes late at night. She kept in constant communication with our lender and gave us regular updates and checklists to keep the whole process moving along speedily and smoothly.


She helped us navigate a roller coaster day with 2 separate offer review deadlines and we ended up getting a house and garden we love. We could not ask for more and would recommend her to any friend or family member who wants to sell or buy (or both!)"


  • Oct 15, 2020

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