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"We thought it was funny that Michelle had "negotiations expert" listed as a skill... but then we saw her in action and realized this is a LEGIT talent. 


Michelle was committed to making our home sell as seamless as possible. She was with us all steps of the way and went the extra mile by suggesting contractors to accomplish the most needed updates to wisely appeal to buyers and help us get the most out of our home sale. 


She is a great teacher and explains all steps of the process well to put us at ease. She triple checks her work so that no milestones are missed and nothing falls through the cracks. She is familiar with the market and savvy on what is happening in real estate regulations beyond just the day to day touring and listing of homes. 


She has a heart to see people land in the right homes and cares about the future of the housing market. You will thoroughly enjoy working with her!"

Christina & Bill

  • Mar 3, 2022

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