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"Michelle is truly exceptional. She was recommended to me by my financial advisor and has been incredible since the very first reach out. I was impressed with her level of knowledge and the amount of data she had about the market which was invaluable to me as I was purchasing from out of state. 


Michelle offered to tour the properties via video, and they provided all details necessary (including not just the property itself but incredible knowledge on the land and weather it would be more likely for flooding or airplane noise ect). Michelle and her amazing network managed all facets of the process with professionalism and support that were much needed and appreciated as I am a first-time home buyer. I had no idea about every step of the process whatsoever when I first started taking a look at homes, or what to expect throughout the process. I also work in the sales industry and am very aware that it is wildly important to ensure that: (1) your clients have the necessary information to make informed decisions (whether small or big, like purchasing a house); and (2) that their expectations are established appropriately and met. Michelle exceeded in both aspects.


The amount of effort and time she put into walking me through the process is unbelievable. From the first day that we met, she spent their entire evening walking me through the “big picture.” From there on out, she was always available to provide me with the information that I needed (or didn’t need, but needed for the sake of my sanity) – every decision that I made, small or big, mattered to her. Not only did I feel like I had all the information I needed to make those decisions, but I also felt like I was in good hands. Especially because, as a first-time buyer, I didn’t know all of the questions I should be asking (or do’s and don’ts, for example) and she would proactively provide this information, which made me feel like I was walking through this process with eyes wide open. 


Obviously, making an informed decision is the most important part of buying a home. But personally, as being “emotionally” invested as well in buying a home, having someone who properly set, managed, and came through with expectations was *such* a lifesaver and made me feel so at ease throughout the entire process. On a related note, as a first-time home buyer, I wasn't sure what to expect, what’s good/bad, etc., and she was always so candid and provided her own perspective of different aspects of each home that she thought would be relevant to my decision making based on what she had learned about me. I truly appreciated her input and relied on it heavily. This is an invaluable quality to have as a service provider and not everyone has it, but, IMO, it is crucial to keep those around that do. It’s easy to push paper and get the signatures, but she is really focused on making sure people are satisfied ”


  • Dec 26, 2022

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