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"Selling my home with the assistance of Michelle was truly seamless.  From the care she took to conduct multiple market analysis as we moved towards the actual listing timeline, to the network of referrals she has for any home maintenance activity you could need- Michelle truly made my life easy.  

I listed the week before Christmas – a time historically known to have slow traffic.  Not only did Michelle ensure agents knew the house was coming on the market- she held an open house the week before Christmas.  In the 4 days on the market we had over 15 showings and Michelle connected directly with each buyers agent to understand their feedback on the property.    

Michelle was readily available day and night to assist.  When presenting the listing contract she walked me personally page by page to ensure I understood what I was agreeing to.  When presenting offers she helped me understand the pros and cons of each offer in hand.  When negotiating she’d conduct research to provide me background knowledge on what the current market was like.

Michelle provided regular updates on the transaction from pre-listing to closing.  Some were verbal and I received at least 1 weekly summary of current status.  She ensured I understood the status of the buyers loan process placing me in a great position for my own contingent offer in another state.  She coordinated appraisal and inspection appointments and helped to coordinate the few minor agreed to inspection items while I was out of the state.

I appreciate the care Michelle took with the transaction including reminding me of remote notary services to better accommodate my busy schedule.  Michelle took my transaction very seriously and represented me well in every possible discussion throughout the process.  I would highly recommend Michelle for any of your real estate needs."


  • Jan 7 2023

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