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"Let me start by saying that Michelle worked her ass off to get me my new home. We ran into problem after problem with the seller, listing agent and appraisal but Michelle was always there to make sure everything was taken care of. I'll forever be referring her to people who are anxiety ridden about the whole process like I was.


From the start we already knew the home buying process was going to be hard as interest rates were the highest they have been in years, my partner and I were both using the VHA loan, and there were so few houses on the market. Michelle sat us down went over ever step, then plainly said she will be there for us no matter how long this takes cause it's just what she's does.


When we finally picked the place we wanted to call ours, it felt like a blur. She was incredibly quick to get the offer over, kept on top of communication with the listing agent, and kept in constant communication with our mortgage lender. That's when some of the problems started. At first we couldn't view part of the house because they locked the doors and no one had a key, Michelle had the sellers agent send a locksmith.


When we finally were approved my partner and i did a final walkthrough and noticed that the house was still fully furnished with a completly full garage and again Michelle contacted the listing agent and confidently let us know that the home will move in ready by our closing date. Our last major hurtle was the VHA load appraisal took what seemed like forever and we were just sitting in limbo. Michelle contacted us a few times a week and gave us updates on dates, timelines and how her and the mortgage lender have been calling the appraiser daily for updates.With all the problems, this process could of felt overwhelming but It never did cause Michelle was always two steps ahead saying she was on top of it. I seriously can't thank her enough."

Kayla & Lee-Roy

  • Oct 28, 2023

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