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As a first-time buyer, I was really nervous about all of the consultants/agents/officers/etc I’d be dealing with in the home buying process - and I was really grateful to get a referral to Michelle’s team from a friend. Michelle was exactly the person I needed to meet to get un-stuck and move forward on my path to my dream home. I loved that she explained everything thoroughly (and in multiple formats - if I heard it on the phone I could trust that there’d be something in my email or text inbox to check back against later as-needed) and was extremely transparent with me about how realtors, mortgage lenders, home insurance agents, contractors, etc get paid and able to point me to research materials whenever there was a question not-quite-in-her-scope that I needed to do my own due dilligence around. I loved that she was so flexible and proactive with communication - I never had to worry I was missing checklist steps because she’d set my mind at ease, and she was great about toggling between phone/text/email communication based on urgency level AND what was going on in my own life (she worked around my work trips, my pottery classes, my preferred morning-vs-evening-person communication hours…wonderful!). She did a great job of educating me about the market and also about how to prioritize and narrow my price range/budgets and list of preferences into a checklist of must-haves versus nice-to-haves - and then when it came time to negotiate my offer(s), she was a great strategic advisor and connector to the seller&agent. I genuinely believe I got the best possible deal on my new home - and it ticked every single box on my fairly-niche wishlist, which is amazing! I could keep going and going and going but ultimately - Michelle cares a lot about her clients and doing her work well, AND she has the skills and expertise to make it happen. I referred her to my younger sister recently, which should speak for itself - I trust her with my family!!"


  • May 25, 2023

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