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Today is the culmination of my personal relationship with one of the most professional, talented, creative, motivated, hard working, intelligent Real Estate Agents in which I was totally able to be guided to sell 3 properties and purchase one property.


Each property was different in scope, location, demographics. These differences made it difficult at times to identify where we started and ended.


Michelle Beckman has guided me through conflicting and different areas of the ever changing mine fields of preparing the properties for me to realize a profit but also to think of the buyers who would be taking my former homes to enjoy and expand on my visions.


There were many days when I would get home from work only to find an email detailing what was required of me in order to keep everything on a positive track!! She never hesitated to do investigations into contractors who were able to assist me so we had a posifive outcome.


Michelle was with me on week-ends with encouragement and she would physically work shoulder to shoulder with me.


Michelle never hesitated to keep me informed on the progress of every day.


Through this journey, Michelle was introduced to my friends and family members who were in need of purchasing homes as they moved into the real estate market. She never hesitated to help the younger generation of buyers into homes that would be able to fulfill their dreams.


I guarantee you will benefit when you call Michelle and place your trust in her whether you are purchasing or selling your home.


Now at 80 years old, I am happy in my last home. I feel with Michelle's help and guidance I was able to sell 3 beautiful homes to great owners who will hopefully look to Michelle to sell their homes when that time comes for them."


  • Aug 24, 2023

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