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"Michelle is AMAZING!! I was going though the home buying process for the first time and I felt like I had a real partner in Michelle. She was always available by phone, text or email, was extremely communicative and clear and proactive about providing updates. She was really patient and walked me through all the ins and outs of processes and vocabulary, most of which was all new to me. If I need something explained, she was there. If I needed to bounce ideas off of someone, she was there. If I needed a second opinion, she was there. If I was stressing out the night of the offer review date, she was there!!


Best of all - Michelle gives it straight (and not in a bad negative way!). She is incredibly smart and informed and knows exactly what to look for an how to strategize. I was looking for a lot of guidance and found a great coach in Michelle. There are an incredible amount of steps in this process and, because Michelle kept me informed and up to date, I felt like I knew what was coming pretty much every time. She really cared that I was buying a house that would suit me and grow with me. Michelle really understands all the twists and turns this process can take and was ready every time with a plan and a way through.


Doing this alone was a pretty daunting task and Michelle made me feel special and celebrated and reminded me of what an impressive thing I was doing. I would recommend her to absolutely everyone, including my own parents that are going to be looking for a house in this area!"


  • Sep 13, 2023

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