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Michelle’s ethos in real estate is that her client is the driver and she’s the GPS navigator. 


“It's all about my clients finding the perfect place, and no one can do that better than their

most well-informed self.” 

As a full-time agent for both buyers and sellers, Michelle translates the complicated process of real estate into easily digestible steps for you to follow. Her friendly and practical communication style ensures the market data and abundant resources provided are easily understood. 

While she’s empowering you, Michelle’s team is supporting her so she can focus on the important things, ensuring your transaction is as smooth and successful as possible.  

Whether you're looking for your first home, trying to find the ideal fixer-upper, or on the hunt to upgrade to your next family home, Michelle is here to help. 

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Over 85% Referral Clients

Over 85% of Clients are Referrals

Timberly Williams


Michelle not only made it easier but reminded us of the fun and excitement of getting to buy a house...To some folks out there, buying a house is just another exercise in asset management. For us, and what I imagine she does for all her clients, she made it something special and rewarding!

- Ben, South Seattle


[Michelle] gets the real estate business from all sides, knows the shifting Puget Sound market and she understands people! She's one of the best, hardest-working negotiators I've ever met and helped us score great terms with our offer (that we hadn't even thought of to ask for), both before and after the inspection. Her hustle, intelligence, empathy, and ability to balance multiple backup plans going at once are exactly what you want in an agent.



- LB & DJ, Central Seattle


...[W]orking with Michelle was one of the most rewarding parts of our home search...We could not have asked for someone more knowledgeable or down to earth, she truly made us comfortable with such a big decision...Michelle truly made us feel cared for and made a process that we thought would be daunting and overwhelming seem like a breeze, which says a lot given the current state of the market...

- Zachary & Colin, Everett

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